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TRI 221117: Biomass Electric Power Generation Facilities (NAICS 221117)


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Reporting Year:2016
Total pounds of releases: 10,298
Total pounds of waste: 10,298
Total number of facilities: 1
Total number of TRI submissions: 8
Total number of TRI Form A submissions: 0
Total RSEI Score: 47
% of TRI total RSEI score for 2016: 0.00%
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 Release mediumPounds of releases
 On-site stack air10,298
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 Waste typePounds of waste
 Released on or off-site10,298
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Top 5 chemicals for pounds of releases

Manganese compounds323
Zinc compounds170
Lead compounds18
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Top 5 chemicals for risk score (RSEI) Top chemicals help link

Manganese compounds41
Lead compounds4
Zinc compounds0
Barium compounds0
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Electric Utilities10,298


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221117: Biomass Electric Power Generation10,298


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